DOI broadens eagle kill law

Golden eagle.

Golden eagle.

The US Interior Department (DOI) is extending by six-fold up to 30 years the term of permits that allow for the incidential killing and injuring of bald and golden eagles at wind farms and other renewable energy facilities.

Owners can only qualify for an extended permit under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act if they agree to “adaptive management measures” that help ensure preservation of eagles. The 30-year tenure is subject to a recurring five-year review process throughout the permit life.

“These permits have been for a maximum of five years – a period that does not reflect the actual operating parameters of most renewable energy projects or other similar long term project operations,” the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), a DOI agency, says in a statement.

The longer-term permits will be closely monitored to Log in to read complete article.

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