Hiring begins for Ontario K2 project

Samsung Renewable Energy and two partners are hiring workers for construction of the 270MW K2 Wind Power Project in southwestern Ontario in Canada.

More than 1,000 workers from across the region will be involved in the manufacturing and assembly of the wind turbines, site construction and operations. Siemens will manufacture the turbine blades at its plant in Tillsonburg, Ontario, while CS Wind will supply towers from a facility in Windsor.

The project will use 140 Siemens turbines. The other partners are Pattern Energy Group, a US wind developer, and Capital Power, an independent power producer headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta.

Initial construction activities are expected to commence in the first quarter of 2014, with commercial operation anticipated in the second half of 2015. Power from the project will be sold to the Ontario Power Authority.

The consortium estimates that K2 will generate clean, renewable energy equal to the needs of approximately 100,000 Ontario homes each year.

The project is part of a 1.369GW renewable energy agreement between the Samsung-led group and Ontario government. K2 and similar-size South Kent are the largest wind farms in the accord.