Renova wind delays on grid links

Brazilian power regulator Aneel authorised developer Renova to postpone the start of commercial operations of nine wind farms in the state of Bahia until January 2015 because of a lack of grid connections.

The new schedule is based on information from federal power company, Chesf, which said that the Caetité transmission line and the Igapor substation will not be ready until then.

The wind farms for which Renova sought postponement of commercial operations are: Espigão with 10.8MW installed capacity, Caetité with 30.2MW, Serra do Espinhaço with 18.5MW, Borgo with 20.2MW, Pilões with 30.2MW, Ametista with 28.6MW, Maron 30.2MW, Pelourinho 21.8MW and Dourados with 28.6MW.

Renova said recently that it expected early-March completion of construction of the 368MW wind power complex Alto Sertão II, which includes the wind farms above.