Eletrosul seeks auction partners

Brazil's federal power company, Eletrosul, is seeking partners and projects to bid in forthcoming power auctions, including the A-3 process scheduled for June, the company said in a statement.

The potential partners and owners of projects need to register their intent up to seven days before an auction's rules are published. Once approved, Eletrosul will create special-purpose companies to take them forward.

Although Eletrosul didn't specify a technology, the company has formed several wind power joint ventures in recent auctions.

The company has over 20 wind power projects and operating plants with a combined installed capacity of 782.5MW.

All are located in Brazil's southern region where the company's headquarters are located.

These include the operating, fully-owned, Cerro Chato I, II and III with 30MW each.

It also has stakes of up to 49% in several other wind farms, which will require investments of R$3.16bn ($1.3bn) through 2016.

Of that, it should invest R$350m in the Cerro Chato IV and V, which started pre-commercial tests in March 2014.

Another R$1bn will be invested in the Geribatu wind power complex and R$600m in the Chuí complex.

It will also inject another R$200m to expand the Cerro Chato complex and R$900bn to enlarge the Chuí and Geribatu complexes after winning bids in the A-3 auction in 2013.