Acciona ticks last Brazil-content box

Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Acciona Windpower said its AW125/3000 model has been passed as complying with Brazil’s local-content rules, completing the process for its product range there.

The 125-metre-rotor low-wind machine joins the list of turbines with Finame accreditation from Brazil’s development bank BNDES, meaning developers that use it are eligible for the best finance rates.

Acciona Windpower said it has 51 Brazilian orders on its books for the AW125/3000, as well as 90 for its sister model, the medium-speed  AW116/3000, which already has the Finame OK.

Brazil has emerged as a key market for Acciona, which has one production plant already running in Brazil and a second due to open later this year.

Acciona Windpower’s director in Brazil, Christiano Forman said: “The certification of our full range of AW3000 wind turbines with the new Finame standards represents a major boost to our position in the Brazilian market, in which we have a very competitive product that will surely have a good future.”