DNV GL takes lead on storage project

DNV GL has unveiled a joint project to develop recommended practice to help drive grid-connected energy-storage systems.

The Gridstor industry initiative will accelerate the integration of renewable sources into the grid. The launch is planned for next January with 15 partners, from international suppliers to system integrators, end-users and regulators.

The global transition to a sustainable energy mix requires more flexible grid systems, particularly as renewables are a variable power supply in systems designed for constant supply sources.

To accommodate the growth of sustainable energy, grid-connected storage will help balance the peaks and troughs of variable sources, and is becoming a vital element in the design of electricity networks.

“The project consortium will create a transparent and globally recognised recommended practice which will focus on three key areas of grid-connected energy storage – system safety, operation and performance,” says DNV GL.

The global energy and certification advisory firm says that, like all the 100-plus recommended practices it already manages, Gridstor will be extensively peer-reviewed, professionally formulated and published, and regularly updated.

With the rise of renewable sources into the grid, the need for a comprehensive storage framework for best practice is stronger than ever, says Ali Nourai, global director for DNV GLs storage segment.

“The successful deployment of tomorrow’s smart electricity grids requires clarity and widespread agreement on rules and regulations for energy storage systems,” he adds.

In addition to Gridstor, DNV GL is developing tools for storage evaluation at its state-of-the-art technology testing and commercialisation centre in Rochester, New York state.