AMSC case back in Chinese court

US power technology group AMSC today revealed that the latest stage in its legal battle with wind turbine giant Sinovel is due to be heard in China's highest court next week.

China’s Supreme People’s Court has scheduled a hearing for 29 May to review the jurisdiction of AMSC’s software copyright infringement cases against Sinovel – formerly its biggest customer – and Guotong Electric, another firm involved in the proceedings, the US company said today.

The hearing involves two cases in AMSC’s long-running, multi-pronged legal battle with the Chinese wind turbine giant over claims of intellectual property theft and breach of contract.

The Massachusetts-based company has also brought a trade secrets case and started commercial arbitration over the matter, which relates to software code used in wind turbine control systems.

A former employee of an AMSC subsidiary has already been jailed in Austria amid claims that he was involved with Sinovel in obtaining the US group’s IP.

AMSC claims its case has wider ramifications. John Powell, vice president and general counsel at AMSC, said: “President Xi Jinping recently said that China will protect legitimate rights of foreign enterprises.

“AMSC’s cases against Sinovel are the perfect litmus test for whether statements like these are rhetoric or reality. They will help to determine whether China will protect the intellectual property rights of all companies – both foreign and domestic.”