71 new projects register in Brazil

Brazilian energy regulator Aneel has received details of more than 1.7GW of new wind and solar projects seeking initial registration.

According to the government’s official bulletin, 36 wind projects totalling 865MW of capacity and 35 solar projects totalling 880MW were sent to Aneel's office in Brasília.

The identity of all the companies that have registered the projects is not clear, but Recharge noted that that 185MW of PV projects were registered by Italian developer Enel Green Power.

The Brazilian wind developer Casa dos Ventos has submitted registration for 18 new wind farms with a total installed capacity of 492MW.

Eneva - formerly MPX and now owned by the German utility E.ON – has posted two solar projects of 20MW each.

In the northeast state of Paraíba, the Coremas solar project with 150MW of capacity has also asked for registration with Aneel.

The full list of projects can be found here (available only in Portuguese).