9.2GW of wind in Brazil A-3 auction

Brazil's next A-3 power auction will have 9.19GW of wind and 813MW of solar projects eligible to issue bids, as Energy Planning Agency EPE announced the number of projects qualified to enter the tender.

A total of 381 wind farms and 31 solar plants have gained approval for the competition that will take place on 18 November in São Paulo.

Developers will start the contest with a ceiling-price of R$126 ($54) per MWh.

Some 450MW of small-hydro and biomass plants have also been given OK for the A-3 tender, which looks for new generation able to come online by January 2016.

EPE's head Maurício Tolmasquim says: “Even though solar projects are not viable yet, solar's presence in the next tender shows a concrete interest from investors. Based on the projects submitted we can better plan solar's entry into the Brazilian energy matrix."

Sources believe that wind will beat all other sources in the procurement round due to its competitive prices.

The states of Bahia, Rio Grande do Sul and Rio Grande do Norte account for over two thirds of all wind capacity eligible for the A-3.