Iberdrola rumbles ahead at Baffin

With road construction having commenced last month, Iberdrola Renewables’ 202MW Baffin wind project in Texas remains on track for a late 2014 finish, the company says.

Including Baffin, Iberdrola has more than 500MW of wind capacity in late-stage development that is on-track to begin construction in 2013 or otherwise qualify for the US Production Tax Credit.

In October Iberdrola confirmed it would use 101 turbines from Spanish compatriot Gamesa for the $300m Baffin project.

When added to the existing Peñascal I and Peñascal II projects in the same south Texas complex, Baffin will raise the facility’s total capacity to 606MW – making it Iberdrola’s single largest renewables facility in the world.

Iberdrola says it is in the process of mobilizing construction trailers and other equipment, ordering foundation steel and road materials, and initiated the grading process on the project’s grounds at Baffin – named after the nearby Baffin Bay.

US wind developers are raising to begin construction at projects in case the Production Tax Credit is not renewed upon its expiration at the end of the year.