LIVE: CEOs EU 2030 press event

CEOs of some of Europe's biggest clean-energy players are gathering in Brussels to take the argument for a robust, binding 2030 renewable energy target to the heart of the EU.

They will hold a press conference at 1030CET to set out their case, and you can follow the main developments here as the morning unfolds, and via Twitter @Rechargenews. Recharge editor-in-chief Ben backwell is there and will be tweeting @benrecharge.

The CEOs in Brussels today represent just a few of the 91 signatories to a statement calling for a binding 2030 RE goal.

The group hopes to ramp up the pressure after the European Commission ignored calls for RE targets that are binding at national level, instead opting for a 27% Europe-wide goal as part of its post-2020 policy framework.

That framework still has to be approved by European heads of state next month – and is opposed by major governments including France and Germany, as well as by the European Parliament, which has voted for a trio of binding targets for renewables, greenhouse gas reductions and energy efficiency.

1030 CET: Looks like we're about to get underway at Hotel Silken Berlaymont. That's on Boulevard du Charlemagne for those of you who know Brussels.

First up is Anders Runevad, the Vestas CEO. He says it's essential there are binding national targets.

1035 CET: RES Med CEO Jean-Marc Armitano Single emission target without national RE targets risks fossil/nuclear lock-in, assumes stable high C02 price

1040 CET: Acciona Energy CEO Rafael Mateo CEO: Main issue today in Europe is energy dependence, EU spending EUR1bn per day on imported oil and gas

1045 CET: Now we're back with Anders Runevad. He stresses the increasing competitiveness of onshore wind, but says that's only possible with a stable framework.

1050 CET: Runevad:Wind generation costs reduced by 15% over last 5 years while fossil generation costs have risen, so no doubt we are lowering the cost of energy

1055 CET: Enercon CEO Hans Dieter Kettwig - need to put wind turbines where customers are, across whole country so that we share risks

1100 CET: The CEOs are answering questions form the media. Anders Runevad again stresses a central theme of the morning, the need for stability if Europe's clean energy companies are to achieve their potential

Alstom SVP Denis Cochet stresses the need for a balanced approach including RE/CO2/efficiency targets - why should we have just one target as Magritte group proposes?

A snapshot of Vestas CEO Runevad at the Brussels event



1120 CET: Runevad: "Europe has been in the forefront of renewables. Let's not stop now."

Runevad: "I won't speculate on impact on our business if we do not get binding EU targets."

1130 CET:Recharge editor-in-chief Ben Backwell asks the panel how confident it is that the situation can be retrieved after the commission's paper and its single target

Runevad replies: There a lot of positives in the EC position, the question is how do you make a binding RE target binding.

1145 CET: Acciona Energy CEO Mateo: Only real risk is regulatory. Only way to limit this is long-term contracts with customers or PPAs with utilities

1150 CET: Enercon CEO Kettwig: We installed 3.7GW in 2013 and expect to do the same in 2014. Need to convince utilites the change is coming.

The press conference is now over.