WEC fears drift from climate agenda

Factors such as price volatility and access to investment have toppled climate change as the main issues driving the global energy agenda, according to a study carried out by the World Energy Council (WEC).

The WECs six-monthly study, which captures the views of more 800 energy leaders, finds they are increasingly concerned about the sector’s ability to access the capital markets for funds for infrastructure, against a continued recessionary backdrop.

“The fact that both the climate framework and carbon capture, utilisation and storage are perceived to be issues of less impact is bad news not only in terms of emissions mitigation, but also for the development of robust and resilient energy infrastructure,” says WEC secretary general Christoph Frei.

“Our energy systems are in a state of massive expansion and transition, and the signals we see today provide clear evidence of the urgent need for more robust, coherent, long-term frameworks for planning our future investment.”