GE unveils turbine, space frame tower

GE has unveiled the latest in its range of “Brilliant” wind turbines – the 2.75-120.

The US group launched the turbine along with its enclosed-lattice Space Frame Tower for multi-megawatt machines at EWEA 2014 in Barcelona.

The 2.75-120 improves annual energy production by 5% over GE’s 2.5-120, said the manufacturer.

It is the latest addition to the Brilliant range, offering short- or long-term energy storage options among its other advanced features.

The 2.75MW turbine is available on a range of towers – steel, hybrid or space frame – at heights between 85 and 139 metres.

The space frame tower is a five-legged enclosed lattice tower of up to 139 metres, which GE said will allow turbines “to be built more cost-effectively in never before accessible locations, using a logistics-friendly model of standard shipping methods and on-site assembly”.

The tower has been demonstrating at a GE’s prototype site in California.

Cliff Harris, general manager of GE’s renewable energy business in Europe, said: “The space frame tower helps our customers go taller in new locations, further enabling the growth of wind energy.

“This next innovation in wind turbine technology is a stepping stone towards towers taller than 150 metres in Europe.”