Narec recognised for 100-metre tests

The UK's National Renewable Energy Centre's (Narec) 100-metre blade test facility has been anointed by accreditation body UKAS for structural testing of prototype units.

The new facility, which opened in 2012 to complement the centre's 50-metre blade test rig, was built in anticipation of the development of the longer blades for the next generation of offshore wind turbines needed for the UK's Round 3 project sites.

"Combined with our track record, independence and quality systems [the 100-metre blade rig will] provide our clients with robust assurance that our certification work is carried out to the required standard," says Narec blade test facility manager Peter Hope.

Dynamic and static tests in line with IEC and ISO17025 standards will be carried out on the new rig, including modal analysis, post-fatigue and collapse assessments, to prove-up the reliability of new model blades and double-check manufacturing processes prior to installation and operation.