DOE wind resource centers formed

The US Energy Department has selected six Wind Energy Resource Centers that will act as clearinghouses to provide “accurate, impartial information” about the industry for regional decision-makers and other stakeholders.

The centers will work closely with DOE and its National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) broader outreach and education programs for wind energy.

The information they will provide will address challenges facing wind deployment in their regions to aid in efforts to overcome or mitigate these challenges. They will also work with decision-makers to ensure they have the tools to make informed decisions about wind energy projects and related policies in their jurisdictions.

The resource centers and their operators are:

*Northeast Wind Resource Center, operated by the Clean Energy Group and Sustainable Energy Advantage;

*America's Islanded Grids Resource Center, operated by the Renewable Energy Alaska Project and Island Institute. It covers islanded communities across the United States and US Territories;

*Northwest Wind Resource and Action Center, operated by Renewable Northwest Project;

*Southeast Regional Resource Center for Wind Energy, operated by the Southeastern Coastal Wind Coalition;

*Four Corners Wind Resource Center, operated by the Utah Clean Energy Alliance;

*Midwest and Prairie Regional Wind Resource Center, operated by Windustry.