Kula loan helps Serbia into wind age

Italian group Fintel Energia has received a €14.15m ($19.66m) loan from ERSTE Bank for the construction of a 9.9MW wind farm in northern Serbia – which it says is on course to become the first operating in the country.

Located in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, the Kula wind farm will consist of three 3.3MW turbines and will generate 27GWh per year, enough for the consumption of 7,700 homes.

Kula is scheduled to become fully operational in December this year.

MK-Fintel Wind, the Serbian subsidiary of Fintel Energia, began construction on Kula and the 6.6MW La Piccolina plant in October last year after the introduction of a feed-in tariff and electricity market liberalisation, according to the group.

Fintel Energia has another 158.4MW worth of wind projects under construction in Serbia, including the 128.7MW Kosawa and the 29.7MW Ram.