Brazil to auction 12GW wind in June

Brazilian wind developers registered a total 494 projects with a combined capacity of 12.3GW for June's A-3 auction, Brazil's Energetic Planning Company (EPE) said in a statement.

Wind represents 75% of the total 16.3GW from 527 projects registered. Other technologies include eight gas thermoelectric projects (2.9GW); one hydroelectric project (418MW); 17 small-scale hydroelectric projects (296MW) and seven biomass thermoelectric projects (270MW).

The northeastern state of Bahia is where the biggest share of wind projects are registered with 4.7GW combined capacity. In Brazil's southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul, 2.2GW of wind projects were registered.

The state of Ceará is third in location for wind projects registered for the auction (2.2GW), followed by Rio Grande do Norte (1.5GW), Maranhão (606MW), Piauí (438MW), Pernambuco (320), Paraíba (238MW) and Santa Catarina (60MW). All those states are in northeastern Brazil except  Santa Catarina in the south.

EPE and the government still need to approve the registered projects, publish tender rules and determine the maximum price for the auction. In the A-3 auction in 2013, the maximum price was set at R$126/MWh ($54.25).

The auction is scheduled for 6 June. Tender winners will have to build the projects and start generating energy in 2017.

EPE President Maurício Tolmasquim said in the statement that the large amount of projects registered mean that it will be a competitive tender, and that distribution companies will be able to buy power at relatively cheap prices.