Copel denied deadline extension

Power regulator Aneel has denied deadline extensions for part of the Cutia wind complex in northeast Brazil owned by state utility Copel, which could be fined.

The four projects involved are the 21.6MW Dreen Guajiru and the 30MW Dreen Cutia, GE Jangada and Maria Helena in the northeast state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Copel was seeking permission to extend the start of commercial operations from January 2013 to January 2018.

Aneel director José Jurhosa Jr says the regulator will consider fines for failing to meet deadlines.

Copel's lawyer claimed construction did not start because the wind farm did not sell power in recent auctions or in the free market. He also said market uncertainties and the lack of grid connection through the unfinished João Câmara 3 substation had led to the delays.

Copel also alleged that it was shortlisting the projects for June's A-3 auction, when it hoped to sell power and align financing and construction with the deadlines of the contracts possibly won at the auction.