TenneT calls in 6 Alpha over UXO

Offshore risk specialist 6 Alpha Associates has signed a framework contract with grid operator TenneT to help address the growing problem of unexploded ordnance (UXO) while cabling new offshore wind farms.

The company will provide complex survey and risk management advice to TenneT, which is building offshore grid links for a number of major German wind projects.

Unexploded bombs and other munitions on the sea bed have already caused disruption and delays to projects in Germany and the UK.

6 Alpha will assess the risks at projects and come up with mitigation plans, while ensuring that the correct procedures are followed.

Managing director Simon Cooke said: “We’re regularly reminded, during the course of offshore wind construction, of the sheer size and scale of the UXO challenge.

“Indeed, if this is not managed correctly, the costs of dealing with UXO can escalate rapidly, as we’ve already seen on some early-stage UK and European projects.”