Triangle Gallegos eyes 500MW plan

The New Mexico State Lands Office says that developer Triangle Gallegos submitted the winning bid for a wind farm project up to 500MW to be partly located on state-owned land near the northeastern border with Texas.

Triangle Gallegos is a joint venture between Triangle Cattle Company and Gallegos Wind Farm, LLC. It agreed to lease payment terms that New Mexico estimates will generate $47m of revenue for State Trust Land beneficiaries over the 45 year project life. 

The 285-turbine project will be built in multiple phases starting in 2015. Developer Lucky Corridor will construct a new 345kV transmission line that will link the wind farm with the Western Interconnection, one of three major power grids in North America.

Last July, Gallegos Wind Farm signed an agreement with Lucky Corridor to utilize 300MW of the line’s carrying capacity.

The wind farm will be sited on 19,000 acres (76.9sq km) of State Trust Land and 31,000 acres of private land 56km west of Clayton in Union County.

Beneficiaries of the land being leased are public schools, UNM, NMSU, the New Mexico Military Institute and the NM Behavioral Health Institute.

The State Lands Office estimates that the project will power as many as 200,000 homes, reduce CO2 emissions by 1.3 million tons and save over 550 million gallons of water annually compared to coal driven electricity.

"A new and growing source of income for the State Land Office is renewable energy leasing, which has become the largest growth area for our Commercial Resources Division,” says New Mexico State Land Commissioner Ray Powell.