GE reaps 3.9GW since PTC

General Electric says it has announced 3.9GW of “firm and unconditional” wind turbine supply orders in the US since Congress extended the PTC – the industry’s main tax credit – on 1 January 2013.

An initial 1.1GW was placed into service in 2013 and the balance will follow through 2015.

GE has expanded its customer base to include developers such as Sumitomo and Starwood Energy, which both will be installing 200MW projects using GE’s 1.7-100 wind turbines.

Mesquite Creek Wind, jointly developed by Sumitomo and BNB Renewable Energy, is based in Texas, as is Starwood Energy’s Stephen Ranch wind farm. The 1.7-100 was introduced in 2013 and is part of GE’s "Brilliant" platform.

“We feel confident that, with our strong backlog of orders, we are strongly positioned for 2014 and 2015,” says Anne McEntee, chief executive of GE’s renewable energy business.

“As we continue to expand our brilliant wind product line, our customers are seeing efficiencies and capabilities greater than ever before in the wind industry.”

“Through these advancements in technology, combined with strong execution and operations expertise, GE is continuing our commitment to our customers’ success and investment in the future of renewable energy,” she adds.