Ceará wind farm delays eliminated

Brazil's power regulator, Aneel, has authorised tests of the Taiba Andorinha wind farm, eliminating bureaucratic delays that had been holding up the project.

Since early 2013, Geiroz Galvão Energias Renováveis has been waiting for clearance to start tests at the 14.7MW project in the northeast state of Ceará, but has been held up by lack of approval for changes in the model of the seven turbines.

According to Aneel, the company switched to the 2.1MW Suzlon S95 from the 2.1MW S88 after changing the height of the tower to 100 metres from 80 metres.

Such changes need to be approved by the regulator, but Aneel decided to waive this process because the delay was affecting the country's power expansion programme and the completion of Queiroz Galvão and two other wind farms being built in the same region, the 23MW Taiba Águia and the 18.9MW Colônia.