GE seals 235-turbine NGP deal

New Generation Power Texas has signed a supply contract with General Electric for 235 1.7MW wind turbines with 103-meter rotors, completing a preliminary commitment first reported by Recharge in February.

Financial terms were not made public. General Electric Energy Financial Services is believed to have provided tax equity financing for the project.

The 400MW Texas Wind Project north of Abilene in Haskell County is being co-developed by a subsidiary of Chicago-based developer New Generation Power (NGP) and an unnamed partner with operations in Texas.

Construction began last December and will be built out over two phases. It is expected to be fully operational before the end of 2015 to qualify for the federal renewable electricity production tax credit (PTC).

NGP has an interconnection agreement with a subsidiary of American Electric Power for the $700m project’s full nameplate capacity.

Electricity from the first 200MW phase will be sold under a long-term power purchase agreement to an unnamed customer, and the second phase under a hedge contract.

NGP Executive Vice President Ania Kura says that GE’s ability to evaluate project risk and performance upfront played a role in the selection of the vendor.

“GE's wealth of experience and sophisticated technology proves to have world-class efficiency and power output to ensure project success. GE is instrumental in building a better quality project that our clients will benefit from directly,” she says.

GE performed a mechanical loads analysis (MLA) in order to determine the stability of the chosen wind turbines for the project. The collection of diagnostic data found that the GE 1.7-103 turbines were an ideal fit to produce optimum power output, according to a statement by NGP and GE.

The large rotor and advanced design with a hub height of 80m will help deliver optimum energy output, according to GE.

Efficiency calculations estimated an annual net energy production of 1,784.2 GWh/year with a net capacity factor of 50.5%.