Aneel OK for link-less 21MW

Brazil's power regulator Aneel has authorised the 20.7MW Costa Branca wind power plant to operate commercially as soon as it has a connection to the transmission grid.

Costa Branca is part of the Macacos I complex with a total capacity of 78.2MW.

The complex is made up of Costa Branca, the 20.7MW Pedra Preta and Macacos, and 16.1MW Juremas wind farms. The complex is controlled by Brazilian renewable power company CPFL Renováveis.

Earlier this month, Pedra Preta was also declared ready to operate commercially.

The declaration allows CPFL Renováveis to receive revenue from the government even though the wind turbines are idle, since it recognises that the lack of a transmission connection is outside their control.

The Macacos I plant is one of 27 wind farms concluded or finalising construction that are waiting on the João Câmara III substation and its transmission line, which are being built by the ETN, a special purpose company controlled by federal power firm Chesf.

Chesf said that the partial conclusion of the transmission link is scheduled for October and the complete link should ready by January 2015.