6.2GW wind registered in Brazil's A-3

A total of 248 wind power projects with a combined capacity of 6.16GW were registered for the A-3 auction that the Brazilian government will hold on June 6.

The wind power projects accounted for 88% of the total 7.01GW capacity registered. The others were small-scale hydro projects (with 235MW), one large scale hydro project with 418MW, and biomass thermoelectric projects with (with 198MW).

Wind power has dominated all auctions in the past years, accounting for most of the projects registered and sold.

The northeastern state of Ceará was the location of the majority of the wind power projects, with 68 projects and a total capacity of 1.69GW.

In state of Bahia, 61 wind farms are planned with a combined capacity of 1.54GW.

In Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil's southernmost state, accounted for 67 wind projects with total capacity of 1.51GW.

The Brazilian Wind Power Association (Abeeólica) expects 1GW of new wind projects to be commissioned at the auction.