Tech 'could cut' wind costs by 27%

KIC InnoEnergy has released a new study with BVG Associates showing the impact of new wind farm technologies and how they could help to contribute a 27% cut in energy generation costs.

The analysis shows the highest proportion of this saving could be achieved through eight areas of innovation, out of which the biggest saving to be made is through an increase in turbine size from 4MW to 8MW.

KIC InnoEnergy says by virtue of having fewer turbines for a given wind farm rated power there are significant savings to be made in the cost of foundations and construction; and operation, maintenance and service.

“All of the next generation turbines under development today have more optimum-sized rotors than used to date and therefore have higher gross energy production per megawatt, even before taking into account increased reliability and maintainability,” says the study.

“The combined impact of larger turbines with optimum-sized rotors, improved aerodynamics and control, and next generation drive train designs on reducing the levelised cost of energy is about 13%."