JWPA raises 2050 wind goal to 75GW

The Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA) has raised its wind power installation target from 50GW to 75GW by 2050, underscoring high hopes for the industry in the coming years.

The organisation expects onshore wind farms to account for 38GW of the 2050 goal, with floating and fixed-foundation offshore projects to account for the remainder.

Wind power has been relatively slow in Japan thus far, with just 15MW of new capacity brought online between 1 April 2013 and 28 February 2014, according to government data.

By comparison, roughly 6.27GW of solar was installed throughout Japan over the same period.

Wind development has been held back by a range of factors, including lengthy environmental assessments.

In April, the Japanese government introduced a separate feed-in tariff (FIT) of  ¥36 ($0.35)/kWh for offshore wind projects to encourage development. The FIT rate for onshore wind farms is currently set at ¥22/kWh.