Voltaila OK to amend Areia Branca

Brazil's power regulator Aneel has authorised French renewable company Voltalia to amend turbine capacities and tower layout at its 90MW Areia Branca wind project.

The Areia Branca project is made up of the Carcará I, Carcará II and the Terral wind farms. They were initially permitted with 28.8MW each, but Aneel allowed the project to be increased to 30MW each.

The changes come a few weeks after Voltalia announced a supply deal with Acciona to equip the parks with the Spanish company's 3MW, AW3000 turbines.

Voltalia sold power from these projects at the 2011 auctions and, according to the government, should be finished in early 2015.

The supply contract also includes the 120MW São Miguel do Gostoso wind complex, which Voltalia is building in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Acciona was recently cleared to finance its equipment by the BNDES after proving it will comply with local-content rules in the turbines it will produce in its assembly plant in Brazil.

Earlier this year, Acciona's 3MW turbines started operating at the 120MW Atlântica wind power complex built by CPFL Renováveis in southern Brazil.