Danes scraps Kriegers HVDC plan

Denmark has scrapped plans for an HVDC link to the 600MW Kriegers Flak offshore wind project – and beyond to the German Baltic offshore wind network – on cost grounds, and will instead press ahead with a conventional AC connection.

Danish network operator said a tender for offshore converter stations proved “far more expensive than estimated” and beyond the Kriegers Flak link’s DKr3.5bn ($638m) budget.

The operator is on a tight timetable to deliver a connection for Kriegers Flak by mid-July 2018, and is about to begin tenders for large-scale components on the AC link. said it will now work with German counterpart 50 Hertz on options to link the German Baltic wind farms to the AC connection.

The Danish government has yet to start tendering for the Kriegers Flak wind farm rights.