Gale Force VAWT enters US market

Germany’s Gale Force Windkraft is seeking to license and manufacture its newly designed and patented 1MW vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) in the US, the world’s second largest wind market.

The developer claims the GF 1000 model is more efficient and less expensive than the dominant three-blade models. Other plusses are said to be simple construction, ease of transport and flexible placement.

The turbines have a much smaller footprint compared to horizontal axis models and can be placed in remote areas, mountains, islands, offshore and even areas with light seismic activity, according to Gale Force.

It says the GF 1000 is ideal for areas with strong winds or challenging geological conditions and provides a better alternative than conventional horizontal axis wind turbines.

The GF 1000 is designed without gear boxes and an exclusive, high reliability generator which increases efficiency, decreases costs, and lowers labor and downtime, the vendor adds.

No adjustments are needed to align the rotor blades with the wind as with horizontal axis designs. It stands 74 meters high and has a diameter of 42 meters.

“While there are many vertical axis wind turbines on the market today, ours has a patented spoiler system, braking and energy generation to allow for greater efficiency and fewer moving parts and labor,” says Marc Niemann, Gale Force Windkraft representative in the US.