DolWin2 platform sails to Europe

The 900MW DolWin2 offshore wind converter platform has left the Dubai Dry Docks and is on route for final adjustments at a shipyard in Norway before being installed in the German North Sea.

The 101-metre-long and 74-metre-wide rig is scheduled to transform the alternating current (AC) power coming from several offshore wind parks in the DolWin2 cluster into direct current (DC) from 2015 on.

DC power can be transported more easily and with less energy losses to land via 45 kilometres of submarine and 90 kms of on-land cables to another transformer station on land.

"The development of offshore wind energy is advancing," says Lex Hartman, board member and Germany head of transmission system operator TenneT TSO.

"At the end of 2015, we will already transport more than 5.1GW of wind energy from the North Sea to land; in 2019 it will already be 7.1GW."

Dubai Dry Docks had been building the DolWin 2 converter platform for Norwegian energy service group Aibel.

Aibel is itself a supplier to ABB, the engineering group that in 2011 won a $1bn order from TenneT to design and install the Dolwin 2 link.