DOE contracts AXYS for LiDAR

The US Energy Department (DOE) has awarded a contract to AXYS Technologies for supply of two WindSentinel floating LiDAR systems that it will utilize to support research and development to help advance the US offshore wind industry.

The systems will be managed by DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) based in Richland, southeastern Washington State.

The WindSentinel is a wind resource assessment buoy that uses LiDAR to accurately measure wind speed, wind direction, and turbulence offshore up to blade-tip heights of 200 meters. The system claims the most LiDAR offshore wind resource assessment ever conducted, 36 miles (57.9km) offshore.

“This award reflects the DOE’s commitment to the use of new technology to assist in reducing the cost of offshore wind energy in the United States,” says AXYS Sales Director Graham Howe.

While much of the focus of US offshore wind development has been on the relatively shallow east coast outer continental shelf, wind resource is stronger along the west coast where water depths are greater.

Developer Principle Power has applied for a lease from the US Interior Department to demonstrate its WindFloat semi-submersible floating foundation technology off Oregon’s coast.