Pennsylvania to fund RE projects

The US state of Pennyslvania will make an estimated $12.5m in grants and loans available for alternative and renewable energy projects including solar and wind energy.

Those eligible to apply include non-profit corporations; Pennsylvania schools, colleges and universities; any Pennsylvania municipality, and public or private corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, associations and other legal business entities.

"This funding is an opportunity for companies, municipalities, schools and organizations to deploy alternative energy projects or construct new facilities related to alternative fuels," says Governor Tom Corbett, a Republican.

“Such projects further our goal to develop a diverse and robust energy sector here in Pennsylvania, in a manner that protects our environment and uses our resources smartly and efficiently,” he says.

The Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA), an independent public financing authority created in 1982, will deploy $10m specifically for renewable energy projects with renewable energy technologies.

The balance will go to support for clean alternative fuels, alternative energy manufacturing and alternative energy research.

Despite being at the epicenter of the hydraulic fracturing revolution in the oilfields, Pennsylvania ranks second behind New York with installed wind generation among northeastern states. It had 1.34GW on 1 January.