Brazil's WEG in turbine parts deal

Brazilian electrical equipment maker WEG has chosen local specialized plastic producer MVC Wind Power to supply 50 nacelle bodies and spinners for the turbines it is building under license from Northern Power Systems (NPS).

According to MVC's general director Gilmar Lima, the pieces were developed and designed  with WEG. MVC is one of a growing number of suppliers to the consolidating wind power industry as part of machinery makers' efforts to comply with Brazil's local content rules.

MVC already has local contracts with France's Alstom, Spain's Gamesa and General Electric of the United States.

It opened a factory in the northeastern state of Bahia close to assembly plants of both Alstom and Gamesa.

WEG, on the other hand, should begin deliveries of the first 2.1MW NPS-licensed turbines in October. It recently signed a contract with Brazilian engineering company Alupar to supply 46 turbines for the 204MW Energia dos Ventos complex in the state of Ceará.

WEG says it will manufacture the turbines at its facilities in southern Brazil and they will have at least 80% national content.  

After signing the NPS deal, WEG invested to develop a turbine assembly line with capacity for 100 units a year. The turbine production line began operation in January.

Both MVC and WEG are positive about market prospects in the next two years.

While WEG is in talks with winners of the recent power auctions to sell turbines and offer OEM services, MVC plans to supply 300 nacelle and spinner kits in 2014 and 800 in 2015.