BorWin1 glitches hit Bard output

The 400MW BorWin1 offshore grid link in the German North Sea has suffered several technical disruptions in the past months, transmission system operator (TSO) TenneT said. 

Due to the disruptions, the grid connection had to be switched off, leading to an as-yet unquantified loss of electricity output from the 400MW Bard Offshore 1 wind park.

The 400MW Global Tech 1 wind park is also temporarily linked to BorWin1 and feeds into the grid part of the electricity it produces whenever there is spare capacity no used up by Bard.

Global Tech 1 will eventually be linked to the BorWin2 grid connection, the construction of which is delayed.

TenneT currently is in talks with Bard and grid link supplier ABB to find out what has caused the disruptions.

"The constructive talks with Bard and ABB have already led to an encirclement of the sources of defects," TenneT said.

Tests and measurements have been carried out at the Bard Offshore 1 wind park, its transformer substation and the BorWin converter station.

Bard Offshore 1 currently receives electricity from the grid for its own use, while further tests are done.

There has also been a smouldering fire at electronic parts of the converter platform in March that led to another switch off of the grid link, TenneT said.