Vestas V126s in place in Germany

Vestas has installed the first two machines of its V126-3.3MW model in Germany, near Kaufbeuren in the southern state of Bavaria.

The 137-metre-high towers for the turbines came from German supplier Max Bögl.

Vestas says that transporting the 62-metre blades for the machines from Lem in Denmark to Bavaria was a challenge.

"In close co-operation with our colleagues from transport we managed it in an optimal way. We are happy having contributed to the installation of the first V126-3.3 MW wind energy project in Germany," says Frank Spee, project manager of Vestas Central Europe.

Vestas adds that the V126-3.0MW model has an annual energy output that is up to 20% superior to that of the V112-3-3MW at a low-wind site.