Wind O&M set for boom – Insight

The huge emerging market for wind O&M is on course to comfortably outstrip turbine installation growth over the next three to five years, according to results of a major survey carried out by Recharge Insight.

The industry analysis service highlights key trends in the O&M and service sectors in a new study, compiled after in-depth questioning of delegates at the recent SKF Wind Farm Management Conference in Berlin.

Almost 90% of the delegates – about 200 senior figures spanning turbine-makers, wind farm owners and service specialists – expect O&M to expand faster than the wind market as a whole, with 44% predicting it will grow at least twice as fast.

Recharge Insight polled the delegates throughout the SKF conference – now in its ninth year – to compile the 30-page report, which reveals the industry's view of key issues such as contract pricing, service models, spares availability and repowering.

The study highlights the big opportunities – and challenges – facing the major turbine OEMs as the O&M market develops.

Recharge Insight director Robert Clover said: "The OEMs hold the key to the most value creation, with remote monitoring/preventative maintenance, lifetime extension and upgrade products likely to form a core backbone of a profitable offering that make them likely to dominate the service market.

"However, the key to ongoing success will be their ability to keep adding value to existing turbines through these services, and find creative ways to share in the benefit created."

Clover noted that there will be plenty to play for among non-OEMs in the market too – for example the opportunity for independent specialists among smaller owners of older turbines.

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