Lorc advances as coupling arrives

The torque-busting coupling for Lindø Offshore Renewables Centre's (Lorc) 10MW drive-train test rig is now being assembled at the facility under construction in Munkebo, Denmark.

Delivery of the 58-tonne misalignment coupling, supplied by German specialist outfit Centa, moves the facility closer to being ready to hook-up its first nacelle, the second of Vestas' V164 8MW prototype transmission systems.

The coupling, the largest ever built by Centa, has a nominal transmission torque of 8.6MNm and with an overload unit a release torque of 12.5MNm, similar to an industrial rock-crusher, for drive-trains with power output of up to 10MW.

When free of load, the Lorc's nacelle test rig's highly dynamic motor can gear-up in milliseconds to generate full operating torque for "optimum simulation of real-world wind conditions", says Lorc.

The rig will have two misalignment couplings, with a second smaller 3.5MNm model for testing of turbines of up to 4MW.Lorc is building two test docks.

One – the function tester, which is slated to be up and running this year – will test nacelle functionality under extreme stresses, while the other, the halt tester, will perform mechanical and "highly accelerated lifetime tests".

It also has a new componentry and substructure test facility, being built with industry partner Force Technology, where foundations for offshore turbines can be tested mechanically, as well as a climatic chamber to trial components and systems under extreme environmental conditions.

The centre has longer-term plans to develop the harbour area of the Lindø Industrial Park as a full-scope maritime test facility.