Pattern gets nod for 187MW Meikle

The Canadian province of British Columbia has approved an Environmental Assessment Certificate for Pattern Development’s recently acquired 187MW Meikle project.

The nod leaves the project – one of four left in Pattern Development’s portfolio for which yieldco spin-off Pattern Energy has Right of First Offer – on track for completion in 2016.

Meikle – a conglomeration of several projects in B.C.’s Peace River Region – was owned until April by Vancouver-based developer Finavera. Although Finavera announced its intention to sell the project to Pattern Development in 2012, the deal was slow to finalise.

Initially Finavera said it would sell a 300MW portfolio in the Peace River Region to Pattern for C$40m ($37.5m). By the time the deal went through, however, it had shrunk to 184MW for C$28m.

On-site construction is set to begin this autumn, with turbines set to be installed from next summer – and commissioning slate for late 2016. Meikle will become one of Canada’s largest wind farms upon completion.

The project has a 25-year power purchase agreement in place with BC Hydro.

Blessed with abundant wind resources, British Columbia did not have its first commercial wind farm in place until 2009, but has seen its installed capacity grow rapidly since, reaching nearly 500MW at the end of last year.

Of the four projects remaining in Pattern Development’s portfolio for which Pattern Energy retains Right of First Offer, Meikle was the last that still required permitting – and will likely be the last brought on line.

The other three which publicly listed Pattern Energy is likely to buy from its former parent are the already operational Gulf Wind in Texas, and as-yet-unfinished K2 and Armow in Ontario.