Blue Circle, Annex plan Thai wind

Singapore-based renewable energy developer The Blue Circle is forming a partnership with Bangkok-based renewables group Annex Power to jointly invest around $200m developing wind farms in Thailand.

The partnership will look at developing small wind power projects at potential sites across Thailand, saying it plans to assess and tap into the low wind-speeds found in the country.

“Combining The Blue Circle’s wind experience in Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia with Annex Power’s track record in solar, hybrid systems and biogas will create a powerful partnership to successfully develop projects in the country,” said Daniel Gaefke, managing director of Annex Power.

“The current situation in Thailand is similar to France in 2002, just prior to the wind market taking off from installations of 100MW a year to 1GW annually,” claimed Olivier Duguet, chief executive of The Blue Circle.

The Blue Circle has developed wind and solar projects in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, while Annex Power has focused on Southeast Asia.