Ontario opens next RE round

Project developers have been invited to apply for qualification to the Ontario Power Authority’s next Large Renewable Procurement round, which will see as much as 440MW of wind and solar capacity allocated.

Developers have until 4 September to apply for qualification, and will judged based on their development experience and financial wherewithal.

Qualified applicants will then be expected to bid on projects from January 2015, with winners to be selected in August 2015.

Of the 540MW of renewables capacity up for grabs, 300MW is dedicated to wind and 140MW to solar PV. A second call will be opened in 2016, and if there is any unallocated capacity, a third will follow after that.

Ontario is in the midst of a renewables boom, with its wind capacity having doubled during the 2009-2013 period, in the wake of the passage of the Green Energy Act.

Significant wind capacity is expected to be brought on line over the next two years, although the mid-term market appears less certain, according to the Global Wind Energy Council.