DNV GL to certify Sinoma blades

DNV GL has signed a partnership agreement with Chinese wind turbine blade manufacturer Sinoma for the certification of its products to improve the reliability and quality of blades made in China.

The certification will ensure that turbines which use blades produced by Sinoma comply with international safety and reliability standards throughout their lifetime – in both onshore and offshore applications.

DNV GL says as turbines increase in size, the failure of such key components as rotor blades can lead to significant losses for the different stakeholders involved.

“Turbine manufacturers constantly work on improving quality and reliability of wind turbine components such as rotor blades and gearboxes,” says Daniel Hein, DNV GL’s country manager for renewables certification.

“Certification helps to increase the credibility and trust in the quality of such components.

“The objective of the wind industry is to provide clean, reliable and affordable energy. In order to achieve this, it is important the industry concentrates its efforts to increase the quality and efficiency of wind turbines,” he adds.

Hein wants other manufacturers to follow Sinoma’s example, as original equipment manufacturers and wind farm operators pay increasing attention to the quality of rotor blades and materials used in the manufacturing process.

DNV GL’s main responsibilities within the partnership include certifying rotor blades, blade repair shops and materials; supervising material production; and assessing blade designs and quality requirements throughout the manufacturing process.