Go for 144MW Westermeerwind

Turbine installation will start in March 2015 at the 144MW Westermeerwind offshore wind farm in the Netherlands’ Ijsselmeer artificial lake after the project today announced financial close.

The Westermeerwind project will see 48 Siemens 3MW machines installed between 500 and 1,100 metres from the dikes of the Noordoostpolder in Flevoland province.

The first turbines are expected to start delivering power to the grid by the end of next year.

Siemens was hired in early 2013 by project development company Westermeerwind BV to deliver the wind farm under a turnkey contract.

The German group subsequently appointed construction group Ballast Nedam to handle the foundations and Mammoet to install the turbines, in a contract worth about €60m ($80m).

The project will see the five-metre-diameter monopile foundations placed in water depths of between three and five metres.

A statement from the project partners said: “The intensive collaboration with Siemens, which allowed an integrated approach to design from an early stage, has not only optimised costs, but also achieved certification of the wind farm design prior to financial close.

“This represents a significant advance in the control of risk and failure costs.”