Wind doubles Brazil power share

Brazil’s wind farms supplied 2.2% of all power generated in the country in June, more than doubling their contribution year-on-year.

According to Brazil's Power Trading Chamber (CCEE), wind plants generated an average of 927GWh in June 2014, up 141% from 393GWh in the same month a year ago, when wind’s contribution was equivalent to about 0.9% of total supply.

Total power supply in June was 4.27TWh, slightly up from 42.26GWh in June 2013.

Wind power output surged by 74% in June compared to May's level.

The increase was mainly due to the start of commercial operation of new wind plants and the completion of the Igapor substation. That was connected to the grid in early June, which brought online 294MW in wind farms that had been standing idle in the northeastern state of Bahia.

Although CCEE only takes into account power plants in operation, total installed capacity has been rising significantly as wind farms are completed throughout the country.

In June, the country's total wind power installed capacity stood at around 4GW, up from just under 3GW in the same month a year ago.

The capacity factors of wind power plants also rose, said CCEE in the report. In June this year, it registered a capacity factor of 33%, up from 26% in the same month a year ago and from 22% in May.