Brazil sees 22.4GW wind in 2023

Brazil's wind power capacity is expected to reach 22.4GW by 2023, equivalent to 11.4% of Brazil's total predicted generation capacity for the same year.

This compares with the 3.5GW currently connected to the country's 100,000km national grid.

The projection was made by Brazil's Mines and Energy Ministry in the country's 10-year energy expansion plan, which is reviewed every year.

Of the total, 5.4GW will be built by the end of 2015 based on projects already commissioned at auctions in recent years. By the same measure, by the end of 2018, 10GW of new wind will have been built.

The government cited projections by Brazil's Wind Power Association (Abeeólica) that the increase in wind power capacity by end-2018 will require R$50bn ($22bn) in investments.

In the first six months of 2014, Brazil connected 1.2GW of new wind power plants to the grid. This represented 35% of total new capacity added from all technologies.

In comparison to June 2013, Brazil's wind power capacity was 63% higher in June 2014.

According to projections by Abeeólica, Brazil should add at least 2GW a year in new wind capacity.

By the end of 2014, taking into account all three auctions that government will have held, Abeeólica expects 3GW of new wind to be commissioned. That will come on-line by 2019.