Chile awards 76 RE concessions

The Chilean government has awarded 76 concessions to more than 30 companies for development of 3.1GW of wind and solar energy projects.

Developers paid $8m for the 30-year concessions that include 70 solar projects and six wind farms.

President Michelle Bachelet’s center-left government wants to obtain 20% of the country’s power supply from renewable resources by 2025 versus 9% at present.

The Energy Ministry this month said Chile now has 1.71GW of renewable energy generation capacity with wind 40% of that amount, biomass 26%, small-scale hydro 20%, solar 12% and the rest biogas.

This year through July, Chile added 600.8MW of new renewable energy capacity, up from 219MW in the same period a year earlier.

The ministry says between 2010 and 2013, the previous government awarded 74 concessions for renewable energy projects with total capacity of 2.7GW.