Clean Line project wins key approval

Developer Clean Line Energy Partners has received US federal approval to sell transmission service to customers at negotiated rates and to negotiate bilateral agreements for 100% of its Plains and Eastern interstate project.

The 600kV Plains and Eastern will deliver up to 3.5GW of wind power from Oklahoma’s Panhandle region through overhead direct current lines to Arkansas, Tennessee and other states in the Mid-South and Southeast. Those regions now lack access to new, low-cost wind energy.

Clean Line has proposed an intermediate delivery converter station in central Arkansas that would have the capacity to deliver up to 500 MW of power.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will now allow Clean Line to sell transmission capacity to potential project customers including utilities and other load serving entities or clean energy generators.

Generator interconnection to the Plains & Eastern will be subject to the requirements of the project’s open access transmission tariff.

Clean Line estimates that Plains and Eastern will enable more than $6bn of investment in new wind farms.

From May through July of 2014, Clean Line conducted an open solicitation for transmission capacity on the project with 15 potential customers submitted more than 17GW of requests for transmission service.

“Oklahoma boasts some of the best wind in the country. We are pleased to see this approval from FERC to subscribe up to 100% of the Plains and Eastern Clean Line’s capacity,” says Oklahoma Energy Secretary Michael Teague.

“We believe it is another important milestone towards developing Oklahoma’s low-cost clean energy resources, enabling new jobs, and growing economic development in our state and the nation.”