New US July gen capacity all RE

Led by wind, renewable energy accounted for all 405MW of new generation capacity in the US in July, and more than half in the first seven months of this year, according to a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) report.

In July, two wind farms with 379MW of generation capacity entered commercial operation, followed by five solar projects (21MW) and two small hydro facilities (5MW).

The wind farms are both in Texas: the 218MW Panhandle Wind Farm Phase 1 project in Carson County and the 161MW Spinning Spur Two Wind phase 2, according to FERC’s monthly Energy Infrastructure Update.

In January through July, the US installed 4.758GW of new generation capacity led by natural gas with 2.185GW, solar (1.226GW) and wind (1.196GW). Developers installed 124 solar projects and 22 wind projects.

The US on 31 July had 1,163GW of generation capacity in place. Wind was 5.26%, or 61.95GW, and solar was 9.31GW, or 0.75%.

Gas was the largest installation source at 487.51GW, or 41.82%, followed by coal at 329.16GW, or 28.45%.