Brazil postpones A-5 tender

Brazil's federal government has for the second time postponed the A-5 auction, pushing it back from 30 September to 28 November.

The decision to delay the auction comes a few days after the government announced cap prices of R$137/MWh ($60/MWh) for wind and solar power and R$197/MWh for thermoelectric power plants.

Although 704 wind power projects with 17GW have been registered for the auction, the government wants the auction to contract thermoelectric power plants – and especially gas-fired projects – to guarantee base load power for Brazil's future.

The 36 gas-fired projects registered for the auction add up to 20GW, the government says.

Projects that win power purchase agreements at the auction will be required to start commercial operations in 2019.

The government also set new deadline of 29 September to register thermoelectric power plants.

In April, the government had scheduled the auction for September 15.