TenneT: Offshore lag continues

Despite first final investment decisions (FIDs) coming forward since Germany passed a reform of its Renewable Energies Act (EEG), there is still a large gap between the capacity of offshore wind parks for which a FID has already been taken and grid connections being built, transmission system operator (TSO) TenneT says.

According to a study by Offshore Management Resources, an FID has already been taken for 3.8GW of planned offshore wind parks in the German North Sea, while the offshore wind capacity for which orders have already been awarded or of parks that are being built totals 7.1GW.

“If offshore wind park projects that have a grid connection assurance over the course of the next year won’t have taken an FID, we expect that their grid connection assurance as granted by the EEG will be withdrawn,” says Lex Hartman, TenneT executive board member and head of the Dutch company in Germany.

“That would give new wind park projects a chance and at least already existing grid connection capacities could be used effectively.”

According to the study, an FID can only be expected for some 2.9GW in offshore wind park capacity in the near term, TenneT says.